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Random Number Generator - All Random?

The random number generation is the generation of a sequence of numbers or symbols, which usually cannot be predicted, because a certain algorithm is used.

Numbers and counting have become an integral part of our everyday lives, especially when we consider the modern computer, smartphone or tablet. These words you read have been written on a computer with a code of ones and zeros. It is an interesting story how these numbers dominate our world. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays much is calculated and predicted with mathematical formulas. Many algorithms aim to generate future-based random numbers that do not follow patterns. But this is not always easy, because there are also systems that want to see through such patterns. Even raffles and certain predictions based on mathematical calculations show a pattern in the long run.

Various applications of randomness detection have led to the development of various methods of generating random data, some of which have existed since ancient times. Well-known classic examples include dice throwing, coin flipping, card shuffling, and countless other techniques. Due to the manual techniques, generating a large number of sufficiently random numbers (important for statistics) required a lot of work and/or time. Therefore, the results are sometimes collected and output as random number tables. Nowadays much has been digitized. So also the drawing and generation of random numbers. So the digital method is already used for many lotteries or slot machines. The old method can still be found, for example, on game evenings in dice games.

Random number generators have applications in the areas of gambling, statistical sampling, computer simulation, cryptography, fully randomized design, and other areas where an unpredictable outcome is desirable. In general, hardware generators are generally preferred to pseudo-random algorithms in applications with unpredictability as a top priority, such as security applications.

There are two types of random number generators:

"True" random generators are generated using a method that is theoretically completely random and unpredictable. This method includes techniques that use electronic noise, radio noise, or radioactive decay.
So-called "pseudo" generators, as used on the site zahlen-generator.de, are more widespread. These generate a sequence of numbers with a procedure that is still sufficiently complex and variable to prevent the algorithm from being predicted.

What is a random number generator?

With the random number generator of random-number-generator.net you have the possibility to generate individual random numbers for yourself.
With a certain algorithm you get a unique number combination, which you can use for your purposes like lotto games.

Numbers Generator

With one click the number generator generates you different random numbers, lottery numbers or a dice order.

Password Generator

Our password generator is also a random generator that generates a secure and individual password for you depending on your settings.


A secure and unpredictable algorithm is used for your random numbers, lottery numbers and passwords.

lucky numbers

There is a new lucky number every day and in addition you can determine your lucky number yourself with just one click.

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